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Judgement Day Release (and author interview!)

Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening- welcome back to beebliophile!

Since returning to school in March, I have been insanely busy with my A Levels, hence my prolonged absence. I’m not quite finished yet with my last exam next Monday, but I have surfaced from my revision to inform you of a very exciting new release- Judgement Day by Josie Jaffrey! Released today and second in her Seekers series, I cannot wait to get my hands on Judgement Day because I ADORED May Day. For more information on the series, click here (opens in a new tab). To summarise, it’s an urban fantasy with vampires, a sassy bisexual narrator and a simple, confident, humorous writing style. What more could you ask for? Get May Day here or Judgement Day here.

Without further ado, let’s find out a bit more about the wonderful author herself, Josie Jaffrey!

  • Do you do research for your books?

There’s always something that needs checking (How far can a horse run in a day? What’s the highest point in Romania? What naturally-occurring poison kills fastest?), but there are definitely some books that are more research-heavy than others. Fantasy is all about imagination grounded in reality, but I create most of the concrete details myself, so there’s scope to improvise. With my historical novels (of which there will be more in future), the research is punishing. It really matters that you not only entrench yourself in the past, but that you dig into the details so you translate the correct flavour into what you’re writing. I spend far longer researching those novels than I do writing them.

  • Which series was the most enjoyable to write?

Probably Solis Invicti, because I did it just for fun and I wasn’t that anxious about how it would sell! Sovereign was a bit of a forced march: I wrote the whole trilogy in a year, which helped to make it cohesive and tight, but also left little breathing room for me. I wouldn’t have been able to write that quickly if I hadn’t been thinking about the plot for years beforehand. But honestly, I enjoy everything I write in different ways. At the moment, the Deluge series is fun to write because it taps into my classical knowledge and lets me immerse myself in ancient worlds, and the Seekers series is fun to write because I adore the characters and like spending time with them. They make it easy for me.

  • Do you have a favourite character in the Seekers series?

It’s 100% Jack Valentine. I love her. I have no idea where she came from, but she is so much fun to hang out with. I love how chaotic she is and how obtuse, particularly with Killian. If he told her the sky was blue, she’d argue that it was green just to piss him off, then threaten him with violence if he didn’t agree. She’s so flawed and comfortingly human, with her messy love life and her bad decisions, her aversion to laundry and her dedication to insobriety.

  • What’s your writing kryptonite?

Admin. Any kind of admin, whether it’s to do with self-publishing or the general necessities of living, like doing the laundry or watering the plants. I find it practically impossible to settle down into writing until everything else that needs doing has been done, which means I either have to force myself to my laptop regardless (which makes me itchy), or I’m left with scant writing time. It’s very annoying.

  • Are there any genres that just don’t do it for you?

I read most things, though I have marked preferences for some genres over others, but if I had to pick one genre never to read again then it would be erotica. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with sex in books (I love it!), but erotica is distinct from romance in that it’s about the sex rather than the romance, and I am very much a romance novel person.

Sadly that is all folks, but if you can’t get enough then you know where to find Josie Jaffrey’s books: just click one of the links at the top of the page. This post is not sponsored in any way, I’m just thrilled that there’s finally a sequel to May Day! Jack Valentine is definitely my favourite character in the Seekers series too, her chaos is undeniably wonderful, but If you’re more of a YA historical fantasy person, check out my review of The Wolf and the Water by Josie Jaffrey, based in the Ancient Mediterranean and filled with mystery and drama.

While you’re here I just want to thank you for sticking with me and reading my reviews despite my absence, I really appreciate each and every one of you! I hope your 2021 is looking up as vaccines are rolled out and we might finally be able to touch another person, a bizarrely shocking idea! As always, my inbox is open and you can contact me here, or by using one of the social media links below. Doesn’t have to be book related- I love a chat about pretty much anything!

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