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Renegades Review

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

This story is an interesting and original take on the traditional superheroes vs villains fight, similar in its uniqueness to Marissa Meyer’s other retellings including The lunar chronicles and Heartless, one of my favourite books. Renegades matched the other books in being very readable and engaging.
The origins of the prodigies’ powers (as the people with superhero powers are called) was not the typical born with it, instead most people getting theirs through traumatic circumstances, although a few were born with it. The story is told from two perspectives- Nova, who is an anarchist called Nightmare against the superheroes and Adrian, the son of three of the biggest superheroes, and definitely for them. (Side note he has two gay dads 🙂 )
Nova is an anarchist with the codename Nightmare. Her family were killed while under the proteection of the main superhero organisation and she is understandably bitter
Some of my favourite things in the story included Nova’s unwilling affection for the people she meets, the well thought out and fantastic future the book presents and the deeper considerations like whether people should be relying on superheroes or step up for themselves, and how even the best-intentioned organisation can end up trapped by well-meaning but outdated rules.
I really enjoyed this story, and look forward to reading the next one. If I can find it. My library has the first one and not the second one- how could they do this to me?!?!

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