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Sex Power Money review

Sex Power Money by Sara Pascoe

This is an awesome nonfiction book. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

There was more biology than I thought there was going to be, but thankfully it was much more clearly explained and interesting than biology at school. Pascoe dives into sex and power from an evolutionary standpoint, considering how people behave in regards to sex, power and money, and why how we have evolved to behave like that.
Pascoe considers several topics within the broader headings of sex, power and money such as porn and sex work. The links she draws out between sex, money and power are absolutely fascinating and very insightful, making me consider the topics from a new perspective. Pascoe backs up her points with statistics that are weaved in very naturally, as well as including anecdotes and personal stories from people who have been largely affected by these topics in some way.
This book does not go the direction you are expecting it to, but it is thoughtful, well-researched and most of all funny. The humour is well placed, never offensive and makes what can be quite heavy subjects more readable. Pascoe also includes a reading list at the end for those interested in further exploring the topics, and does not pretend that she is the expert on everything about sex, power and money even though after reading the book you might mistake her for one
I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those with an interest in sex, power and money and how the three things are intertwined.

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