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P.S I Still Love You review

P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han.

While I was slightly reluctant to start this series, since it seemed a bit like a cliche teen series, I was very excited when I got my hands on the second book since I ended up loving the first one. I have never wanted sisters more in my life, seeing the relationships Lara Jean has with Kitty and Margot. Kitty is undeniably awesome, the perfect sassy younger sister, and she does behave like a ten-year old, which I’m glad of because I hate it when younger children are given wise speeches that make them sound more like a philosophy professor than a child.
All the sweet tiny details just made the story, with Peter remembering Lara Jean’s favourite foods and all the baking of cookies, as well as the dramatic and varied relationships which represent true teenage relationships, albeit through slightly rose-tinted glass. Peter and Lara Jean being together just made me so happy, and the jealousy and suspicion over Gen was actually realistic, rather than one character just refusing to talk about it. Without spoilers, I’m going to say that I was pleased with who Lara Jean ended up with in the end.
These novels are like a warm comforting hug, filled with cute moments and lots of emotions. If you’re looking for a sweet, teen read that won’t be too taxing, this is definitely it. Personally, the only thing I was missing was more LGBT representation, since there only seems to be the gay best friend, a bit of a stereotype.

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