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For the Winner review

If you want a quick summary of this review, it’s just me raving about greek mythology and the stunning writing of this book, so you should read it.

There is a lovely contrast between the idyllic scenes on Olympus, where the gods live, and on the earth with Atalanta, showing both sides of the story- fate on the gods’ side and free will on Atalanta’s side. This book was so much more than just a retelling, exploring fate and free will and freedom in humanity. Atalanta’s character is as empowered and headstrong as I could have wanted her to be, and the gods’ capricious nature was wonderfully illustrated.

As a classical civilisation student, sometimes historical fiction covering ancient greek myths and legends can be a bit boring as it is simply rehashing things I already know in quite a dry way, but not this book. It is filled with little details of life in Ancient Greece that any classicist would find delightful to discover, and some of the phrasing of the book is reminiscent of writers such as Homer.

Overall I could not put this book down and I eagerly await the next one (there is one right?!), and I highly recommend to literally anyone. If a stranger approaches you in the street raving about this books it is in fact me.

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